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AS the world slowly restarts following the Covid-19 pandemic, many parents and industry peers have asked about engineering for a changing world. As the world scrambles to adapt to new practices brought on by the new normal, digital tools and interaction channels have emerged as essential technologies enabling business and economic continuity.

Next, the world is shifting towards a hyper-connected economy and greater digitalisation. Cashless transactions, automated delivery, remote health monitoring and virtual human encounters and travel are some striking examples pointing us towards a digital future. Surely, the world is about take on another big reset.

This cultural change builds on rapid recent advances in high speed 5G network, artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous robotics, Industry 4.0 and big data analytics.

Without doubt, this will unleash a digital boom of interconnected electronics and computing hardware. When paired with intelligent humanised software, this formidable combination will significantly transform all aspects of life and work.

Just a few years ago, these terms were simply technology buzzwords that have little practical value to the masses. But now, research shows conclusively that these technologies will shape the new realities of the future.

Dr Patrick Sebastian is a computer engineering expert, embedded systems builder and surveillance systems designer.

As it appears, there has never been a better time to become a computer engineer. At Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP), its Computer Engineering programme will prepare you to be an architect of these next generation systems.

As such, the programme has been designed to build your capability to support the global mission of the world’s leading industries.

UTP’s industry experts will coach you to combine the powers of electronics hardware, programming software and system integration that are pivotal for a seamless connection between software and hardware.

Consider this prospect: these systems will create intelligent artificial agents that will automate a whole new suite of AI-driven products and services such as drone parcel delivery.

Through a mixture of hands-on programming classes, students will gain proficiency in modern languages like C/C++, R, Python and Apache Spark to implement data analytics and digital visualisation.

UTP’s Computer Engineering programme prepares students for careers in various areas such as Computer Hardware and Software Engineering, Software Verification, Embedded Systems, Human Computer Interaction as well as Data Networks and Data Analytics.

At UTP, students will have access to advanced labs designing, developing and deploying sophisticated hardware systems and sleek software applications such as building low-energy, long lasting mobile and embedded devices for Internet of Things (IoT).

However, to help the industry fuel its growth engine, it needs young and aspiring talents. As industry and education innovators, the UTP programme is closely aligned with industry needs and principal engineers from leading local and multi-national companies to help you stay in touch with the latest industry trends and development.

For years, UTP has been a prominent feeder university for engineering, science and technology industries. Year after year, industry leaders have asked UTP to increase the supply of engineers, especially in computer engineering.

Sign up with UTP today and together we can dream up new possibilities to make the world a better place.

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